I have been a dog and cat groomer for over 10 years. My training took place in the Gribouille grooming salon in Neuchâtel; theoretical training took place at the Cynologie Romande school of Marlyse Berger in Penthaz. Currently, I continue to train, through internships, with great groomers in German Switzerland, as well as abroad to always serve you better.

I can offer you professional grooming and advice for the maintenance and well-being of your dog or cat. Your pet will be treated with the utmost care; I work at his own pace so as not to rush him or traumatize him. I can completely groom your dog as for a preparation for exhibitions, but for this your pet must be well maintained and used to grooming. Being located in the countryside, I fully understand the owners who want practical and unattractive dogs. For these customers, many solutions exist, so that your animal does not bring the forest with him after each ride. I can offer you regular detangles at your home, short scissor or clipper cuts, flea and tick treatments and complete grooming.

The equipment of the grooming salon allows me to make as many large dogs thanks to a table which descends to 30cm from the ground to allow the dog to climb on its own and also a large bathtub with access ramp to spare our back and that of your companion. Smaller dogs as well as cats are not forgotten.